The institution shall bear the name Club Diplomatique International
the acronym is CDI

This is a service and communication a political club of common purpose, whit international operations for diplomats, businessman and persons upholding the United Nations objectives.
Such objectives constitute the thoroughly consideration of personal contacts int he field of Diplomatic an Consular Corps, as well as of those institutions which cooperate and correspond whit CDI

The CDI is involved in raising the level of studies related to diplomacy and all other areas of education, research and culture in the most positive moral and humanitarian way, especially in developing countries.

The CDI pursues the following objects:
 Establishment and maintenance of private and business contacts between members of the diplomatic services and administrative authorities of all countries, and representatives of international organizations and of the internationally active private sector of the economy. Support for measures aimed at ensuring a lasting peace and at the prevention of armed conflicts.Promotion of education, training and research in the areas of diplomatic studies and international cooperation. Financial support of internationally and nationally active non-profit-making institutions, such as, for instance, UNICEF, ICRC.
CDI regards itself as a international organization, independent of the political authorities, denominationally neutral and dedicated to the public interest. It is seeking official recognition as a non-profit-making institution both in the country where it has its registered office, and in all other countries in which it pursues its activities.
Jurisdiction of the court: ICC INTERNATIONAL COURT OF ARBITRATION. In case of internal litigations of the CDI, they shall be solved by arbitration. The CDI publications as required by the law shall appear in the Official Gazette or in those journals issued by the association.
CDI undertakes at all time to keep the Vienna Convention, adopted in 1961.The States Parties to the present Convention, Recalling that peoples of all nations from ancient times have recognized the status of diplomatic agents, Having in mind the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations concerning the sovereign equality of States, the maintenance of international peace and security, and the promotion of friendly relations among nations, Believing that an international convention on diplomatic intercourse, privileges and immunities would contribute to the development of friendly relations among nations, irrespective of their differing constitutional and social systems, Realizing that the purpose of such privileges and immunities is not to benefit individuals but to ensure the efficient performance of the functions of diplomatic missions as representing States, Affirming that the rules of customary international law should continue to govern questions not expressly regulated by the provisions of the present Convention, All CDI members can enjoy our exclusive advantages. To be a member of the International Diplomatic Club means to belong to a prestigious and traditional institution.
The fees and charges levied by the mission in the course of its official duties shall be exempt from all dues and taxes.
All CDI members can enjoy our exclusive advantages. To be a member of the International Diplomatic Club means to belong to a prestigious and traditional institution.
Admission of new members :

The following persons are eligible for admission as active or passive members in the CDI. Members of the diplomatic corps and the departments for foreign affairs, and officers of international organisations. Natural and legal persons wishing to commit themselves to the realization of the aims and objects of the CDI.
Any person deserving special recognition as a result of his or her activities on behalf of the CDI may be appointed honorary member by a simple majority vote of the General Assembly of the CDI, upon a motion by the Committee.


The Committee is entitled to expel a member from the CDI with immediate effect if the member: causes damage to the CDI as a result of his behaviour or engages in activities contrary to the Club’s interests.
The member in question will be informed in writing of his expulsion and of the reasons therefor.
The subscription owed by the expelled member must be paid for the year during which the expulsion takes place. In case the expelled member has prepaid his subscription for several years, no refund of the subscription paid for future business years will be granted.
If the member concerned does not agree with the decision of the Committee, he is entitled to raise a written objection against his expulsion within 10 days of having taken delivery of the Committee’s decision. Such objection must be addressed to the General Assembly. The General Assembly will provide an adequate forum for the evaluation of both points of view and will take the final decision concerning the objection.

All CDI members can enjoy our exclusive advantages. To be a member of the International Diplomatic Club means to belong to a prestigious and traditional institution.