About Club Diplomatic International (CDI)


The international diplomacy has a long tradition in Vienna. In this context we would like to go back in the 19th century and recall the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815). This international Congress, the first after Napoleon had been exiled on Elba, was conducted by Metternich, the Chancellor of Austria, and by Talleyrand, the minister of foreign affaires of France. The objective was a new territorial order, as well as the reestablishing of absolutism in Europe. History of Vienna as center of diplomacy had an important part in the Habsburg Austro-Hungarian monarch.


Up to our days, Vienna has been one of the most important and most known cities in the whole word in the field of diplomacy, with one of the most diplomatic and consular reprezentative offices in the world, as well as the U.N.O.city. Compelled by this diplomatic tradition, THE INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC CLUB is an international acting organization and has obliged itself to act for the purpose of connecting nations, as well as to be a contact point between diplomacy and economy;
THE INTERNAIONAL DIPLOMATIC CLUB is also an exclusive private and further more a beneficiant organization to help human beiings but also to support the members of the Club world wide.